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Showcase what’s to love
At Realmark we call ‘advertising’ ‘showcasing what’s to love’. Too often, good property is undersold by uninspiring photography, lacklustre wording or videos that are more about the agent than the property. We suggest that emotively communicating ‘what’s to love’ about your property will simply engage more buyers.

Capture the perfect shot
Capturing the perfect shot is paramount when showcasing a property for sale. We work with Perth’s leading photographers to identify each property’s unique marketable features. There’s a story behind every property we list - our job is to find it. This will help your property break free from the wallpaper of competing advertising across a range of marketing mediums.

Perfect the signboard
The signboard is about the property, not the agent or agency. That’s why you won’t see obnoxious, over-sized branding, or large images of the agent on our property signage. Our signboards are designed to capture attention and act as a billboard for your property through an engaging narrative, so that buyers are eager to learn more about what’s behind the sign.

Whittle down the waffle
When it comes to press, print and socials, long-winded wording not only looks difficult to read, it struggles to engage or hold attention - so viewers will rapidly move on. Realmark believes that the starting point to effective marketing communication should be less is more. Our copy is written to be easy for readers to immediately comprehend a property’s key attributes.

Engage the most buyers
Lastly, property buyers don’t all consume the same media. So, to reach as many of them as possible, we advocate a marketing campaign that showcases your property in social media, online search platforms, press, signage, direct mail and home open events.

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