We've always been ahead of the times.

The Realmark Set Date Sale
The Realmark Set Date Sale empowers you with more control over the sale of your property and provides the opportunity to achieve your ultimate sales result, with potentially less time on the market.

The process provides you the comfort of a traditional ‘For Sale’ approach with the added advantage of encouraging buyers to put their offers forward in a time favourable to you – which is generally set between 21 and 28 days.

Set Date Sale is exclusive to Realmark and has been tried and tested to prove outstanding sales results since 2012.

How we coordinate offers
To coordinate all offers, we have integrated our process with an online offers platform. This allows buyers to present their offers with ease digitally without having to meet the sales representative. Ultimately, this process offers transparency throughout the sale and without revealing the specifics of other offers, buyers can see that there are other buyers involved; giving each buyer a fair and equal opportunity to purchase their desired property.

How we coordinate final offers and sales contracts
We’re here for you, and focus on a personal approach in person and online. We can meet you in person or utilise a digital platform to facilitate our final offers and sales contracts. The digital platform allows for you and your buyers to sign all contracts from your computer without the need for printing and scanning capabilities at home. We upload REIWA’s digital forms and are able to easily assign contracts when they’re ready for signing.

The program is easy to use and prompts each person where to sign and date so that nothing is missed in the process.

We’ve always been ahead of the times, and have perfected a process that is simple, effective, and geared to achieve results.

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