After hours contact information for residential property management.

After hours contacts & instructions for tenants
In the event of a serious problem or emergency situation regarding your property managed by our team and when Realmark offices are closed, please note the following information; emergency contact details and instructions below.

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment. In an emergency a tenant should contact the appropriate emergency services on the number listed below.

Emergency contact details
For Police, Fire, Ambulance in a life-threatening emergency call triple zero (000) - 000
SES assistance - 132 500
Western Power - 131 351
Water Corporation - 13 13 75
Police – not life threatening - 13 13 44

For urgent repairs outside of normal business hours (before 8:00am – after 5:00pm Monday to Friday as well as Weekends and Public Holidays) see details below. For emergencies during business hours, please contact our office. To reduce fees and charges incurred, please consider if the incident could be attended to by your Property Manager during normal business hours.

Urgent repairs are those that are reasonably necessary to supply or restore an essential service, or to avoid exposing a person to the risk of injury or exposing property to damage. For example flooding, a burst water service, gas leaks, sewerage leaks or dangerous electrical faults.

In the event of electrical failure and where it is safe to do so, please check trip switches and fuses. If you are a tenant please contact your Property Manager in the first instance.

Some urgent repairs will also require you to contact emergency service providers depending on the circumstances.

These numbers should only be used in an emergency. In the event the problem is not deemed an emergency or where the fault is as a result of damage or something that is not the responsibility of your Strata Company or landlord, you may incur a charge for any callout or works undertaken. Before calling an emergency contractor, please check any manuals you’ve been supplied with.

Lost keys or keys locked inside
Please note: The tenant is responsible for all costs associated with calling a locksmith if keys have been lost or locked inside. Should you lose an access device to the common property please contact your Property Manager during business hours to arrange for a replacement.
Diamond Lock & Security - 08 9344 1965
Capital Locks - 0423 313 726

General information: if you have no water supply in your unit/apartment, check with your neighboring unit to see if they have the same issue. If they do, check the premises outside for any obvious signs of a burst water pipe. If there is a burst water pipe between the water meter and the property, turn the water off at the mains. If the burst water pipe is not on the side of the property, please contact the Water Corporation.

For burst water pipes within the property contact

Goods Plumbing & Gas - 0427 201 209

For no water supply contact Water Corporation - 13 13 75

Damage to power lines/loss of electricity contact Synergy
Other severe electrical problems within the property contact the following providers - 13 13 53

Mactec Electrical - 1300 622 832
Response Electrical - 0438 946 094
First Choice Electrics
(available only on a Saturday between 9:00am – 2:00pm) - 0419 908 358

Break ins & damage to glass
Contact the Police and obtain a Police report on 13 13 44 (this is required for insurance claims)
To replace broken glass panels contact
Action Glass & Aluminum - 08 9249 2429
Wanneroo Glass - 08 9309 1962
Prompt Glass - 0411 872 938

Impact to Building by Vehicle/Severe Storm Damage to Property
In any of these circumstances your action will depend on the severity of the problem
If severe injury to you or other persons call an Ambulance and Police - 000
If required call State Emergency Service (SES) - 132 500

Repairs during normal business hours please call your Property Manager directly on the numbers as listed below

Property Management Team
Nicole Hazell- 0404 830 026
Patricia Christmass - 0433 495 033
Rikki Barclay - 0426 578 150
Danica Broun - 0432 404 621
Kate Hughes - 0417 979 017
Hanna Evans - 0413 708 185
Claire Guppy - 0451 036 791
Anita Moscardini - 0449 977 481

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