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Giving back at the heart of the Realmark Agent

Carla Yazmadjian
It is the agents who love to give back that find a real place in the heart of the Realmark family.

On Saturday 30 November, Carla Yazmadjian from Realmark Urban will walk 42km at night as part of Up All Night, a fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Carla is a strong female role model within the Realmark group, the mother of two juggles busy kids’ lives and the needs of her clients with absolute aplomb using master multi-tasking and organisational skills to keep on top of her work-life balance.

“I have to be an expert multi-tasker to make sure my week runs smoothly,” she said.

“As with any working parent, I have to be incredibly well organised and my kids have a lot of after school activities which makes the organisation even more important. When I had a trip I had to give my father-in-law a mammoth excel spreadsheet just so he knew where to be and when. It can be quite daunting otherwise.

“My life revolves around going from stilettos to sneakers all day.

“I have to be a multi-tasking queen as I work on weekends and several nights during the week so I have to make the most of my time throughout the day between appointments to make it all come together, hence the stilettos to sneakers.

“But it is a career I love and have a great passion for so I just do what it takes in order to make it all work.”

Finding time to give back to the community on top of her busy load is admirable, and Carla chose to support the Up All Night initiative after hearing about it from a mother at her son’s school and immediately signed up.

“Up All Night is a fundraising walk to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, it is a marathon distance and the idea appealed to me as the walking at night is, in itself, a nod to the parents of the children who are staying in the Ronald McDonald houses who are literally pacing the corridors at night time, keeping vigil of their sick children,” she said.

“So walking at night time is a tribute in that sense to give a show of solidarity and support to those parents.

“I have two kids who have been blessed with excellent health and I often find myself thinking of those who aren’t so fortunate and anything I can do to show support for those parents and children and raise funds to help them was just easy to jump on board with.”

Realmark Group Managing Director, John Percudani said, giving back to the community was at the core of Realmark’s values.

“Showing support for the Ronald McDonald House Charities is a great reflection of the kind of person Carla is, happy to show support and compassion for others while simultaneously running a family and household and working tirelessly for her clients,” he said.

As a real estate agent, Carla is a force to contend with using her background as a legal professional, having practiced as a solicitor in WA in the District and Coroner’s Courts and State Administrative Tribunal, to negotiate the best deal for her clients.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are as invaluable to Carla in real estate as they were in law, and negotiation is something she thrives on.

A natural-born salesperson and great communicator she found the perfect fit when she moved into the world of property.

To support Carla in her Up All Night walk you can search for her name in the fundraiser section of this page, or to find your best move with Realmark, click here.
Carla Yazmadjian

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