Residential Sales Consultant
M: 0421 950 970
658 Newcastle Street
Leederville, WA 6007

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About Me

After running a fast-paced real estate agency in London for several years, I trawled over 30 countries to find my happy place here in beautiful Perth, where I knew I would return to the industry that I love.

I joined Realmark as we shared the same values, tenacity and pioneership. I knew we could do great things together in terms of leading the real estate landscape here in WA.

Aside from my in-depth understanding of real estate practices, processes and legislation (which should be a given), here’s how I think I differentiate my service to improve the journey and the end result for you.

I never stop perfecting the experience.
I'm not stuck in repeating the same approach year after year. I pioneer an entirely new experience for Perth property owners and strive to create memorable and meaningful experiences.

I'm known to host live music at our home opens and for having grazing boards and champagne on hand for potential buyers.
And lastly, I bring energy and enthusiasm to every sale, after all it’s an exciting time – you deserve to have someone equally as excited about your move as you are.

I'm digital marketing savvy.
Unfortunately, some properties are undersold by being undermarketed. I continue to generate huge interest for properties through proven digital marketing techniques.

For sellers, this means more interest in your property, making for healthy competition among buyers. This generally means less time on market and a great result for you in terms of price.

For buyers, this means I have the ability to market your dream home to you, before you even knew it existed or thought to look for it.

We have genuine and honest conversations.
I'm extremely compassionate, which means I really care about the buyers and sellers that we help. My way of showing this is by communicating in an open and transparent manner so that you have a choice at every step of the process.

Changing the game, one sale at a time. And I hope I get the opportunity to help you make your next move, your best move.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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