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Licensed Agent & Auctioneer

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6/8 Alvan Street
Subiaco, WA 6008

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About Me

When you are considering my services you can be assured that you will be receiving a premium outcome and you will be delighted with everything I do. I have learnt over the years that my primary objective is to HELP PEOPLE.

I am fortunate - I Love what I do - to share my experience and knowledge with property owners and combine my personal talents of Real Estate Agent ~ Marketing Consultant ~ Home Stylist ~ Photographer ~ Graphic Designer & Event Coordinator.
~ More money for the sale of your home
~ More efficient, less hassle transaction
~ Better strategic positioning of your property to attract more buyers
~ Stronger property demonstration to enhance value and your sale price

I am a fully Licensed Agent & Auctioneer since 1987

I look forward to Helping You

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